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Small Sur from Creatica: A Vibrant Touch Inspired by macOS Big Sur

Background by Creatica - Small Sur from Creatica: A Vibrant Touch Inspired by macOS Big Sur

Discover 'Small Sur' from Creatica, a background that's as dynamic as it is colorful. Drawing inspiration from the macOS Big Sur wallpaper, this design brings a fresh perspective to your digital projects with its lively rainbow waves.

'Small Sur' is about bringing a vibrant energy to your digital space. The rainbow waves flow across the screen, adding a lively touch to websites and online platforms. It's a simple yet effective way to make your digital presence more engaging.

Customizing Small Sur

Creatica offers extensive customization options for Small Sur, allowing you to tailor the background to your specific needs:

  1. Palette Configuration:
    1. Gradient Color: Choose to enable or disable the gradient effect.
    2. Primary Color: Set your primary color, such as '#e71989', to define the wave's main hue.
    3. Background Color: Select a background color like '#ffffff' for contrast or harmony.
    4. Color Variant and Scheme Type: Opt for a hard color variant and an analogic color scheme type, offering a striking visual appeal.
    5. Palette: Choose from predefined palettes like 'popsickle' or create your custom palette for more personalized hues.
  2. Shape Configuration:
    1. Number of Shapes: Adjust the number of shapes (e.g., 7) to alter the wave complexity.
    2. Background Wave Options: Configure settings like darkening background waves and parallel wave structures.
    3. Minimal Mode: Toggle minimal mode for a more streamlined appearance.
  3. Frame Configuration:
    1. Dimensions: Choose the appropriate dimensions for your project, such as landscape orientation, ensuring the background fits perfectly.

These customizable features make Small Sur adaptable and suitable for a wide range of digital projects, from personal blogs to professional business sites.

Where to use ?

Small Sur's versatility allows it to be effectively used across various platforms:

  • Enhance creative portfolios with a touch of vibrancy.
  • Add a dynamic backdrop to business websites.
  • Personalize blogs with a colorful and lively theme.
  • Make marketing campaigns stand out with a unique background.

Small Sur from Creatica offers a unique opportunity to bring a piece of macOS Big Sur's iconic design into your digital world. It's not just a background; it's a statement of creativity and vibrancy. Visit Creatica's Small Sur and see how it can transform your digital space.

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